Program Requirements

Bachelor of Science in EMS: 

This degree program is for individuals who are currently certified as a paramedic at the state or national level. The program provides these paramedics with additional training in EMS clinical core content areas (critical care, community paramedicine, special operations, etc), basic sciences (physiology, chemistry, biology, etc), leadership, health care systems, and communications. The goal of this program is to not only take students to the next level of clinical care but also provide the background necessary to become leaders in their field. This program is specifically designed to meet the unique educational needs of the practicing paramedic. It builds on prior paramedic education by providing the basic science background necessary to adapt to the ever-changing medical field. It prepares students to understand the full range of subspecialty EMS roles with advanced clinical knowledge and leadership skills to succeed in the healthcare industry. The program is now offered on UA Main campus and the Arizona Online. More information about the Arizona Online College is available HERE.

Emergency Medical Services Minor (Minor in EMS):

The undergraduate Emergency Medical Services minor program is a 22-unit program similar to that offered in the bachelor degree program but modified to fit the needs of students who are certified to the level of an EMT. This program of study requires successful completion of an EMT course and certification as an EMT at the state or national level. Students may become certified as an EMT through course work at the University of Arizona or start the program as a certified EMT.