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ScholarQuest is a resident research curriculum at the University of Arizona Department of Emergency Medicine that provides residents the opportunity to develop, teach and implement evidence-based emergency medicine.

Each day, the University of Arizona Department of Emergency Medicine and its faculty work to excel in the profession by advancing health and wellness through outstanding patient care, education and research, while serving as educators and mentors to our residents, fellows and students.

We currently rank very high nationally for National Institutes of Health funding and our original research has substantially advanced the principles and practice of our specialty leading to milestone achievements in prehospital care, cardiac arrest, trauma resuscitation, sepsis, medical education, medical toxicology, emergency bedside ultrasound, wilderness medicine and pediatric emergency medicine. 

UArizona Emergency Medicine's focus on research results in one to two ScholarQuest projects being published in peer-reviewed journals per year. The department actively works to increase the number of published articles each year by actively supporting resident research. 

All UArizona Emergency Medicine residents participate in our ScholarQuest program and receive training and assistance for each stage of their project. Residents can choose between Research, Education and Clinical pathways:

  • Research: Residents receive training and assistance for each stage of their research which includes obtaining IRB approval, designing and implementing research studies, collecting and analyzing data, interpreting results, submitting an abstract to a national or regional meeting, presenting at a national or regional meeting and manuscript preparation.
  • Education: Residents receive training in medical education methodology and assistance in designing, implementing and appraising their curriculum. Interested residents may also collaborate with their mentor toward presenting and/or publishing their curriculum.
  • Clinical: Residents receive training in critical appraisal and the development of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines within a multi-site healthcare system.

ScholarQuest aims to reinforce the importance of evidence-based medicine in emergency medicine from original research to provider education to clinical practice.

Thank you for your interest.