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The University of Arizona (UA) Department of Emergency Medicine (DEM) is committed to innovating emergency care through three academic pillars: research, education, and patient care. When health is most at stake, we’re here. Philanthropy invigorates our efforts, improves our services and helps us save lives everywhere. Join us!

Emergencies are traumatic and scary. They disrupt our lives and threaten everything we hold dear. At the UA Department of Emergency Medicine, we fight these threats to our health. We replace fear with hope. We keep people alive and start the path to healing. Treating thousands of patients in our hospitals annually, we stand ready to tackle the worst and most complicated cases. At the same time we are also conducting research and translating it into emergency medical tools and techniques of the future. These innovations will eventually increase quality of care, improving health outcomes and saving lives everywhere.

We are not new to blazing emergency medicine trails: our world-class researchers have made significant breakthroughs in cardiovascular care, traumatic brain injury, airway management, pediatrics, and much more. Our collaborative team of physician-scientists works tirelessly to improve methods that heal people faster, more compassionately, and more effectively. This, along with our rich community connections, uniquely positions us to significantly impact the health of Arizona.

Philanthropy makes sure we continue pursuing the most innovative solutions to emergency medicine’s most pressing problems. It provides seed-funding for new research projects. It kick starts a novel research project, enables a breakthrough clinical trial, and supports students as they become the brave caregivers of tomorrow. Most importantly, it helps us improve care, save more lives, and create healthier and safer communities.

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