• Treating more than 135.000 emergency patients each year in three emergency departments, the Department of Emergency Medicine plays an essential role in caring for the urgent medical needs of residents throughout Southern Arizona.

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COVID-19 Patients with Respiratory Failure to Be Given NuvOx Pharma's Oxygen Therapeutic in Phase IIa Clinical Trial

Jarrod Mosier, MD, associate professor, UArizona Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine and associate program director of the Critical Care Fellowship at Banner University Medical Center - Tucson, is a principal investigator of the U.S. sites in a Phase IIa clinical trial of NanO2 in COVID-19 subjects with acute hypoxic respiratory failure (AHRF).  

Meet Our Faculty: A Q&A with Dr. Melody Glenn

Read Dr. Melody Glenn’s answers to questions about where she is from, why she joined UArizona, and why she chose EMS and Disaster Medicine as her specialty.

Where in the World Is Ken?

Sadly, I am in the high-risk age and medical condition group, so cannot join you on the frontlines. I returned from Guyana at the end of February. We were assured, although they had no testing, that there were no COVID-19 cases. However, for the last week of my visit, after “syncopizing” in the ED during rounds, I was laid up with classic symptoms. Not fun!