EMS Provider Offerings

The Department of Emergency Medicine works closely with professionals in the field of Prehospital Medicine to provide evidence-based EMS Continuing Education (CE) credits. Our courses focus on the most high-yield aspects of prehospital medicine and prepare our EMS providers to deliver up-to-date medical care. 

For more information on the University of Arizona EMS CE program, contact Alex Booth at awbooth@arizona.edu.

Narcan training

As opioid use and overdose rates continue to rise The Department of Emergency Medicine has developed naloxone guidelines for first responders. These guidelines include training on administration and distribution of leave-behind naloxone for people as risk of opioid overdose.



Advanced Hazmat Life Support (AHLS) has been the international leader in hazmat classes and toxicology education since 1999, training interdisciplinary healthcare professionals to care for patients exposed to hazardous materials and dangerous goods.