Meet the Team

Students interested in the EMS BS Major or Minor are encouraged to set up an advising appointment with Kristina. 

Certified Paramedics who would like to explore the EMS BS program can email Kristina directly to set up an appointment to develop a personalized education career path. In-person and telephone advising are both available. If you are not currently a Paramedic, you can set up an appointment to discuss the pathways to obtaining the certification for entry into the program. 

The advising office location is at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Library (AHSL), room 4173G, on the 4th floor of the library. The directions to AHSL with parking and transportation options are here.

Telephone and Zoom advising sessions are available. Kristina is available for advising and support and can be reached at the email or phone number below. 

Kristina Waters, MLS
EMS Undergraduate Program Manager/Advisor:
(520) 626-1187


EMS Degree Leadership

Joshua B. Gaither, MD
Assoc. Medical Director, Banner-UMC Tucson Base Hospital
Medical Director, Tucson Fire Department
EMS Fellowship Director

Dr. Gaither is the Director of the EMS degree program. He develops and oversees the curriculum and teaches several of the EMS courses. He is also the Medical Director for several outside agencies and develops continuing education curriculum for paramedics and EMTs.

EMS Degree Faculty

Hans Bradshaw, MD
EM Clerkship Director
Medical Director, UA Student EMS
EM & Peds Faculty

Dr. Bradshaw is the Director and advisor for the UEMS Leadership and Internship courses.

Aaron N. Leetch, MD
Director, Combined EM & Peds Residency
SQ Education Track Director

Dr. Leetch is the faculty lecturer and developer of the Advanced Pediatric Pre-hospital Emergency Care course in EMS degree program. He is dually trained in both Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics. He is dedicated to training healthcare providers in the acute care of children.

Jenny Mendelson, MD
EM & Peds Faculty

Dr. Mendelson is the faculty lecturer and co-developer of the Advanced Pediatric Pre-hospital Emergency Care course.

Amber Rice, MD
Medical Director, Northwest Fire District
Deputy Medical Director, Tucson Fire Department

Dr. Rice is the faculty instructor for the Critical Care course in the EMS degree program.

Jennifer Smith, MD
Associate Medical Director, Arizona Ambulance

Dr. Smith is the Course Director and teaching faculty for the EMS Core Competencies course.

EMS Degree Health Educators

Ryder Hartley
Health Educator

Health Educator who teaches the EMT course in the EMS Degree program. Retired Northwest Fire Department Deputy Chief, former tactical medic, Chair of the Fire and EMS Education Advisory Committee at Pima Community College. Member of the Pima County Animal Cruelty Task Force for the last 7 years. Has spent 14 years on the Child Fatality Review Team. Likes live music, hiking and has a Min Pin, Fox Terrier, and diabetic cat – all rescued.

Andrew Middleton
Health Educator

Andy is an instructor for the EMT course.

Caitlin Walters
Health Educator

Caitlin is an instructor for the EMT course.

Michelle Watson
Health Educator

Michelle is the EMT course director and instructor.

EMS Degree Staff

Izzie Jado
Research Specialist

Izzie is the EMS degree program assistant and is a certified EMT.

Kristina Waters
EMS Program Manager
EMS BS Undergradate Degree
EMS Fellowship Manager

Kristina is the EMS degree program manager and advisor.