Objectives and Philosophy

The University of Arizona Emergency Medicine Residency Program is designed to produce physician specialists in Emergency Medicine. This requires in-depth training and education in all aspects of our specialty.

Our residents become expert in core emergency medicine. Additionally, they become exceptionally skilled at critical care, trauma resuscitation, pediatrics, toxicology, administration, and emergency medical services. The Residency Program's clinical and didactic curriculum is highly focused and intense. An emphasis is placed on:

  • Excellence in bedside teaching
  • Outstanding didactic conferences
  • Progressive teaching modalities
  • A proactive evaluation system
  • Graded responsibility
  • Outcome and evidence-based clinical practice
  • Point-of-care bedside ultrasound

Our faculty are all board-certified in Emergency Medicine and more than half are certified in EM subspecialites or other specialties as well.

The training is consistent, efficient, and loaded with enthusiasm. Our graduates are well-trained to enter this specialty in leadership roles.