Program Overview - Medical Toxicology Resident Rotation

Medical toxicology is a required rotation for second-year emergency residents in both the Banner - University Medical Center Tucson and South programs and for Emergency Medicine Pharm.D. residents. It is an elective for residents from other specialties, including Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, and Family Medicine. It is also a fourth-year Medical Student and Pharm.D. student elective. The rotation provides a mixture of formal didactic and clinical experiences and introduces the rotator to poison center operations.

The Medical Toxicology rotation is based out of the Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center (APDIC) in the College of Pharmacy. It is located on the third floor of Drachman Hall. The rotation lasts four weeks for Banner University Medical Center - South EM residents and two weeks for Banner University Medical Center - Tucson EM residents. Rotators on elective can choose either length with permission from their program director. All rotators are expected to complete the pre-test prior to the first day of the rotation.

Rotators are expected to be in the APDIC or engaging in other toxicology-related activity from 0800-1700. Home call begins at 1700 and lasts until 0800 for those on call.

There will be an orientation, including an introduction to poison center operations. The lecture schedule and reading assignments will be provided at this time, and a call schedule will be determined.

At the end of the rotation, the rotator will complete a rotation evaluation.