Clerkship Coordinator: 
Sonya Martyna-Seaman / Emergency Medicine Program Manager

EMD 880 - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Instruction

Special Note: 

UA Fourth-year students only - may self-enroll through Oasis for EMD 880 in your 4th year Fall semester to receive full credit for this course. All work must be documented on the fillable PDF.  Contact Sonya Martyna-Seaman at, if you have any questions.

Fall of 4th year
Course Director: 
Daniel Beskind, MD, MPH, FACEP




Students will participate in activities in this elective in year 4 of their medical education. For full credit and graduation, students must complete 42 hours total of contact time with the general public, a total of two skills labs and a final exam prior to graduation. To receive credit for the 2 required skills labs you must complete the short quiz after the lab. Keep in mind that the CPR Instructor Certification is optional and that some venues require this certification to teach.