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Quotes from current residents and alumni

"Our rural and global rotation sets us apart from most other programs." 

"We have a smaller ED so we get to do more and have closer relationships with our medics, nurses and other staff."

"This program is a hidden treasure. We get the benefits of working in a hospital that is more like a community hospital, as well as shifts at a large university hospital. I love the rural and global health focus. Since it is such a small program, we are all close and looking out for one another. Our program directors are also very supportive and respond quickly and decisively to any issues. I can't say enough good things about this program!"

"This is a great place to train; we have an excellent close-knit group of residents and outstanding clinical acuity. Because of our size, as residents we have a lot of input into making this a great place."

"The rural health focus is incredible! Our program is the best of all possible worlds with regards to exposure to pathology, case based learning potential, faculty attention and mentoring. This is real bread and butter emergency medicine, which is what we need to practice and prepare for life after residency, but we also get a very good exposure to critical care, special populations, the day-to-day operations of an emergency department as well as the broad view of emergency medicine's crucial role in society as a public health intervention. Couldn't be happier with my match here, wouldn't want to be anywhere else."

“Residency at South Campus has prepared me well for the next step. I commonly see pathology that I never saw during residency, but now I always fall back on the fundamentals that I learned in residency, and I feel prepared. I am lucky to have been part of such a great family at South Campus!”

“I work in Colorado and although our Spanish speaking population is much smaller than in Arizona, that skill is extremely helpful . . . my Spanish  . . . played a big part in getting me hired. It also saves me a lot of time at work, helps me communicate with my patients, and helps me establish a bond with my patients. My patients really appreciate it and are very thankful.”