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Maria C. Mandell Award

This award is given in memory of Maria C. Mandell, who was a dedicated volunteer for emergency medicine at The University of Arizona, beginning with University Medical Center’s opening in 1971 and until her death in 1983. It was through her efforts that the Emergency Medicine Auxiliary was established. This award, established in her name by her husband Bert, is a tribute to her interest and contributions to emergency medicine. The award provides support for medical students and residents to conduct research in emergency medicine and injury prevention. It is given as the award for the outstanding ScholarQuest project and presentation at the Annual Resident Research Forum.


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Past Keynote Speakers

2023 – Arthur B. Sanders, MD, MHA, FACEP, FACP  Professor Emeritus
– Emergency Medicine Research: One Faculty’s Journey

Dr. Sanders' primary areas of academic interest are the treatment of patients in cardiac arrest, the emergency care of older patients, biomedical ethics in emergency medicine and medical education. He is a tenured professor emeritus at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. He has served as Chair of the Residency Review Committee for Emergency Medicine, President of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine and Chair of the ACLS Committee for the American Heart Association. In 2012, Dr. Sanders was elected to the Institute of Medicine (now called National Academy of Medicine) and has served on an IOM committee assessing the progress in the treatment of patients in cardiac arrest.