Student Research

The Department of Emergency Medicine has a very active research culture that has led to milestone achievements, consistent representation at scientific conferences and a widely published faculty. We also have ScholarQuest that leads each resident through an original research project. Click on the "Research" tab above to learn more!

Here is how to get involved!

1. Complete HIPPA training online - click here for link

2. Complete CITI training online - click here for link

3. Decide the area of research that you want to be involved in and write it down.

4. Make a list of the type of research involvement you would like to have: Human/Clinical, Gopher, Publishing, Clinical Study, etc.

5. Look at articles published by the faculty in Emergency Medicine to see what areas they are doing research in. You may click on the "People" tab above to see the links to Pub Med and each faculty's contact information. You can also search by name to see publications on the web. Contact the faculty member directly to inquire about possible projects you may get involved in. It is very likely that each have great projects in a drawer just waiting for someone with your interest to help!

6. Contact Dr. Jarrod Mosier ( to set up a meeting after you have completed 1-5 above. It is just fine to have met with the faculty member you would like to work with prior to or after this meeting.

Here are some other useful links:

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