Meet Moses Mhayamaguru

Get to know our first-year emergency Medicine resident, Kubwimana Moses Mhayamaguru...

COM-T Report: Shaping the Future of Medicine

The University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson has seen many advances and accomplishments since it was founded in 1967, and this publication—Shaping the Future of Medicine—captures the history and highlights of the College and each of its departments.

University Campus EM 2019-2020 New Interns

We are proud to announce our new University Campus 2019-2020 interns!

South Campus EM 2020-2021 New Interns

We are proud to announce our new South Campus 2020-2021 interns!

DEM Mentoring Program a Model for College of Medicine

Sam Keim, MD, professor and head of the Department of Emergency Medicine, has been named one of the College of Medicine’s 2015 program mentors.

Chain of Survival: Tucson Fire Department

The 'Chain of Survival' takes you through each key stage of saving a person's life. It begins with the first symptoms of a medical emergency, such as a heart attack, continues with quick response and advanced life support from paramedics, and ends with the successful treatment of a patient.