DEM Research Contributes to National CPR Guidelines

October 28, 2015

Every five years, the American Heart Association updates its CPR guidelines. Two UA faculty members contributed to the development of the recently released 2015 Guidelines for CPR & ECC: Bentley Bobrow, MD, professor of emergency medicine and co-director of the Arizona Emergency Medicine Research Center – Phoenix (AEMRC), coauthored Part 5: Adult Basic Life Support and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Quality, and Karl Kern, MD, professor of medicine and co-director of the Sarver Heart Center, was a coauthor of Part 8: Post–Cardiac Arrest Care. 

Dr. Bobrow, as well as others in the Department of Emergency Medicine and the College of Medicine, have been making significant impacts on out-of-hospital resuscitation and cardiac-arrest care for years. Most recently, their research has been found to improve patient outcomes for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest victims; they have contributed to the Institute of Medicine report that focuses on how to save more lives from cardiac arrest in the U.S.; and they have shown that life-saving CPR instructions to 9-1-1 callers prior to first responders arriving on scene dramatically increases survival from cardiac arrest.