Paul Castle, MD

Paul Castle, MD
Stony Brook University School of Medicine
University Campus Residency
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Where are you from?

Originally Northern Michigan, then spent time in Montana prior to medical school (i.e. I don’t hate snow).

What are your personal interests/hobbies?

Anything outdoors. I love to bike, run, backpack, and ski. Throw in some nights cooking and playing cards and I’m a happy man.

What are your professional interests?

Global Health, Infectious Diseases, and Wilderness Medicine

Why did you choose UA EM?

When I interviewed, I was immediately struck by how friendly and welcoming everyone was. I flew home, and told my fiancée that she had to like the program. Luckily, her interview day with the vascular surgery program was just as wonderful! During my interview day, I was also convinced that UA would provide me an excellent place to train and become the best physician I can be. Finally, there are lots of mountains and outdoor access in Tucson!

What's your ideal vacation?

Anywhere with lots of time outside and some chances to try unique food.

What are your non-medical goals during residency?

Spend as much time outdoors as possible enjoying the AZ mountains and desert with my fiancée. And still manage to ski a couple times a year!