Geriatric Emergency Medicine

The University of Arizona Department of Emergency Medicine (UA DEM) is pleased to offer subspecialty services and training in geriatric emergency care.

The department is a leader in the special emergency care needs of elder populations working to merge the medical disciplines of geriatrics and emergency medicine. Arthur B. Sanders, MD, MHA is a national leader who helped develop a more comprehensive model of care in the emergency medical system to specifically address the special needs of older patients such as altered mental status, functional decline, trauma and falls, acute myocardial infarction and abuse and neglect.

Dr. Sanders edited the textbook, “Emergency Care of the Elder Person,” and co-edited the textbook “Emergency Medicine: An Approach to Clinical Problem Solving.” He also edited a teaching manual for emergency physicians emphasizing the new model of care for elder persons and has conducted several studies in elder care emergency medicine.

Dr. Sanders' expertise is combined with collaborations with the Arizona Center on Aging to continue providing excellence in care to the elder population and to continue expanding upon the research in elder care.

Contact Arthur B. Sanders, MD, MHA,, for more information on UA Department of Emergency Medicine and its collaborative in geriatric emergency medicine.