UA DEM Receives Presentation Awards at the Western Regional Meeting of the SAEM in April

April 14, 2016

Two UA Department of Emergency Medicine research presentations received honors at the 19th Annual Western Regional Meeting of the Society of Academic Emergency Medicine in April.

Plenary Runner-up Best Presentation Award was given to UA medical student Ashley Pickering for her presentation, “Reduction of early VAP after institution of VAP prevention for patients intubated in the emergency department,” authors Lawrence A. DeLuca, Paul Walsh, Tyler Burns, Ashley Pickering, James Yeaton, Kurt Denninghoff.  

Amber Rice, MD, PGY-III, University Campus received the Outstanding Resident Research Presentation Award for her research, “Misclassification of presumed cardiac arrest cases in a national cardiac arrest registry,” authors Amber Rice, Joseph Bradley, Sean Wentworth, Tomas Nuño, Terry Valenzuela.

Additional oral presentations were:
“Effect of centruroides scorpion antivenom on prevention of methamphetamine-induced movement and hyperthermia in rats,” Pouran Malekzadeh, Jackie Hu, Alexander J. Sandweiss, Nina Ameli, Tally M. Largent-Milnes, Todd W. Vanderah, Farshad Mazda Shirazi.

“Clinical outcomes for rural and urban patients with traumatic brain injury requiring admission to Level 1 vs. non-Level 1 trauma centers in Arizona:  An observational retrospective study,” Benjamin Ruffatto, Phillip Hoverstadt, Tomas Nuño, Kurt Denninghoff.

“Utilization of end tidal CO2 monitoring in traumatic brain injury patients requiring intubation in the emergency department,” Matthew J. Lopez, Lindsay D. Tesar, Abhishek Kulkarni, Tomas Nuño, Katelyn L. Maslan, Joshua B. Gaither.

“Presenting illness and mortality outcomes for patients intubated in an academic emergency department,” Lawrence A. DeLuca, Tyler Durns, Ryan Miller, Zachary Roward, Ashley Pickering, James Yeaton, Kurt R. Denninghoff.

“The effect of presenting complaint on the risk of developing ventilator-associated pneumonia for patients intubated in an academic emergency department,”  Lawrence A. DeLuca, Tyler Durns, Ryan Miller, James Yeaton, Ashley Pickering, Zachary Roward, Dylan Sabb, Kurt. R. Denninghoff.

“Arizona’s EMS for children pediatric designation system for emergency departments,” Natasha L. Smith, Tomi St. Mars, Dale Woolridge.

“Assessment of musculoskeletal knowledge amongst emergency medicine physicians,” James Fox, Marvin Griffin, Andrew Keyser, Tomas Nuño, Allison Lane, Anna Waterbrook.

“Accuracy of diagnosis of urinary tract infection in the emergency department,” Brent Lorenzen, Nancy Phan, Samantha McGlone, Kevin Reilly, Lisa Chan.

“Time-to-antibiotics for critically ill patients with suspected severe sepsis is significantly longer for pediatric patients than adults,” Erin Tromble, Jarrod Mosier.