DEM Seed Grant Awarded to Study Use of Ultrasound to Prevent Secondary Injuries Associated with TBI

December 14, 2017

Richard Amini, MD, associate professor and emergency ultrasound director at Banner-UMC South, will study if low intensity, low frequency ultrasound is effective in preventing secondary injuries associate with traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a leading cause of traumatic death affecting all ages in the United States. A major disability associated with TBI is decreased cognitive function. While direct neuronal damage caused by the primary injury is irreversible, a secondary injury, involving the inflammatory reaction at the injury site, may be preventable and potentially reversible.

Dr. Amini’s research will examine if low intensity, low frequency ultrasound can facilitate blood brain barrier changes and reduce inflammation (negative immune responses), thereby minimizing secondary injuries and lessen or prevent cognitive impairment.

Collaborating with Dr. Amini on the study are Todd Vanderah, PhD, department head of Pharmacology, and Bellal Joseph, MD, professor of surgery.