2016 LLSA Discussion Board

There are threads started on all questions for the 2016 LLSA exam. You can view the discussions using the link and password below, but if you want to post a reply, you need to have created a LibGuides account. Most of you who wanted to do so have succeeded, but if not or if you didn’t reply to my earlier postings, you can contact Michelle Halla,  michellehalla@email.arizona.edu, for help.

The course page is located here: http://libguides.library.arizona.edu/c.php?g=376928&p=2550768. Please contact Jessica Reed at jreed@aemrc.arizona.edu to receive the password for accessing the discussion board.

Once you’ve put in the password, you’ll see a page with tabs for the readings for this year’s exam, and for the discussion board where you’ll find the threads for the various questions. Again, you can view but not post replies or new discussion threads unless you have an account. Some folks have had trouble with the list of discussion threads not loading when you click the “Discussion Board” tab, depending upon their web browser. If you have that problem, try using Internet Explorer instead of Google Chrome, or vice versa.

Enjoy, and thanks to all the faculty who participated in starting the threads!

John A. Guisto, MD
Tucson, Arizona