$1 Million Endowment Announced by UA College of Medicine-Phoenix

Dean Flynn, Dr. Meislin and Dr. Spaite


PHOENIX -- The University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix named Dan Spaite, MD, as the recipient of the $1 million Emergency Medicine endowed chair funded by the College’s Department of Emergency Medicine and the Virginia G. Piper Trust.

A faculty member for 25 years, Dr. Spaite is a full professor and current director of emergency medical services research for the Arizona Emergency Medicine Research Center and is a pioneer in emergency medical research.
“This is a tremendous honor to be named to this chair by my peers in emergency medicine, the first line of defense in treating our patients,” said Dr. Spaite. “I am humbled and proud to represent my colleagues from the Arizona Emergency Medicine Research Center.”
The emergency medicine donation of $500,000 to the College of Medicine – Phoenix was matched by the standing Virginia G. Piper Trust grant to create a $1 million endowed chair.
“Dan has consistently shown superior efforts in the growing field of emergency medicine research,” said Harvey Meislin, MD, head of the department of Emergency Medicine and director of Arizona Emergency Medicine Research Center. “We are proud to have him as part of our team and to represent the center in this honor.”
A board-certified emergency physician, Dr. Spaite has published more than 250 scientific articles and abstracts and has presented research on out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, trauma systems, cost analysis and evidence-based emergency medical service guidelines.
He is responsible for bringing in more than $10 million in research grant funding and has won numerous national research awards, including receiving the 2010 Ronald Stewart, MD, Career Award given by the National Association of Emergency Medical Services Physicians.
He is a co-investigator in the largest prospective prehospital Advanced Life Support study in history and in the “SHARE” program aimed at improving survival in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. That program includes the state of Arizona, the UA Sarver Heart Center, the UA Arizona Emergency Medicine Research Center, more than 100 fire departments in Arizona and throughout the nation, emergency medical agencies and nearly 40 hospitals.
 ‚ÄúWe are so thankful that the Emergency Medicine department has recognized the importance of the College of Medicine ‚Äì Phoenix in supporting our efforts with this chair,‚Äù said Stuart D. Flynn, MD, dean of the College of Medicine ‚Äì Phoenix. ‚ÄúAnd Dr. Spaite is a well-deserving recipient that is respected nationally and throughout the community.‚Äù  
Dr. Spaite was announced as the recipient of the endowed chair at a ceremony held February 18 on campus.