Implementation of the Introductory Clinician Development Series: an optional boot camp for Emergency Medicine interns.

TitleImplementation of the Introductory Clinician Development Series: an optional boot camp for Emergency Medicine interns.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsMin AA, Stoneking LR, Grall KH, Spear-Ellinwood K
JournalAdv Med Educ Pract
Date Published2014
ISSN Number1179-7258

BACKGROUND: The transition from medical student to first-year intern can be challenging. The stress of increased responsibilities, the gap between performance expectations and varying levels of clinical skills, and the need to adapt to a new institutional space and culture can make this transition overwhelming. Orientation programs intend to help new residents prepare for their new training environment.

OBJECTIVE: To ease our interns' transition, we piloted a novel clinical primer course. We believe this course will provide an introduction to basic clinical knowledge and procedures, without affecting time allotted for mandatory orientation activities, and will help the interns feel better prepared for their clinical duties.

METHODS: First-year Emergency Medicine residents were invited to participate in this primer course, called the Introductory Clinician Development Series (or "intern boot camp"), providing optional lecture and procedural skills instruction prior to their participation in the mandatory orientation curriculum and assumption of clinical responsibilities. Participating residents completed postcourse surveys asking for feedback on the experience.

RESULTS: Survey responses indicated that the intern boot camp helped first-year residents feel more prepared for their clinical shifts in the Emergency Department.

CONCLUSION: An optional clinical introductory series can allow for maintenance of mandatory orientation activities and clinical shifts while easing the transition from medical student to clinician.

Alternate JournalAdv Med Educ Pract
PubMed ID25187750
PubMed Central IDPMC4149266
Faculty Reference: 
Alice Min Simpkins, MD, FACEP
Lisa Stoneking, MD, FACEP