A Guide to Pain Assessment and Management in the Neonate.

TitleA Guide to Pain Assessment and Management in the Neonate.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsWitt N, Coynor S, Edwards C, Bradshaw H
JournalCurr Emerg Hosp Med Rep
Date Published2016
ISSN Number2167-4884

<p>Newborn infants experience acute pain with various medical procedures. Evidence demonstrates that controlling pain in the newborn period is beneficial, improving physiologic, behavioral, and hormonal outcomes. Multiple validated scoring systems exist to assess pain in a neonate; however, there is no standardized or universal approach for pain management. Healthcare facilities should establish a neonatal pain control program. The first step is to minimize the total number of painful iatrogenic events when possible. If a procedure cannot be avoided, a tiered approach to manage pain using environmental, non-pharmacologic, and pharmacologic modalities is recommended. This systematic approach should decrease acute neonatal pain, poor outcomes, and provider and parent dissatisfaction.</p>

Alternate JournalCurr Emerg Hosp Med Rep
PubMed ID27073748
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Hans Bradshaw, MD