SC EM Interns 2017-18
SC EM 2017-2018 New Interns

Mar 17, 2017

We are proud to announce our new SC EM 2017-2018 Interns! 

UC EM Interns 2017-18
UC EM 2017-2018 New Interns

Mar 17, 2017

We are proud to announce our new UC 2017-2018 Interns!

SC EM 2017-2018 New Chiefs Announcement

Mar 3, 2017

Proud to announce our new Chief Residents for 2017-2018.

Emergency Medicine Department logo
Faculty Promotions

Jan 24, 2017

Five faculty members in the UA Department of Emergency Medicine have received promotions in 2016.

Dr. John Sakles
DEM Study on Intubation Featured in Anesthesiology News

Jan 11, 2017

A study by UA emergency medicine professor John C. Sakles, MD, on the management of the difficulty airway was featured in Anesthesiology News.

Dr. Ben Bobrow and Dr. David Wu
Spreading the Word Around the World

Nov 16, 2016

Cardiac arrest is a leading cause of fatality and long-term disability worldwide. Recent advances in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), many of which have been pioneered at the University of Arizona, have dramatically improved survival rates around the world.

The Arizona Emergency Medicine Research Center (AEMRC) has successfully implemented several strategies that have dramatically increased cardiac arrest survival in the United States, including improving the quality of CPR training and the rate of bystander CPR. Now AEMRC is sharing these strategies with emergency medical leaders in countries like China and India through its innovative International Visiting Scholar Program.

CPR University
EMS Train at CPR University

Oct 24, 2016

Emergency medical professionals from all over the world took part in the Arizona Emergency Medicine Research Center’s latest CPR University, a high-intensity training where participants learned the latest techniques in saving lives.

Making Learning More Accessible

Oct 24, 2016

New technology and a committed group of educators and innovators in the Department of Emergency Medicine are making continuing education for EMS providers more accessible.  

DEM Faculty Honored for Excellence in Teaching

Oct 22, 2016

Two Department of Emergency Medicine faculty members are recipients of the 2016 Vernon and Virginia Furrow Teaching Awards.