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Message from the Department Chair

Thank you for visiting our site! I don’t remember a more exciting time to be working in Emergency Medicine or to be here at Banner - University Medical Center. A lot of progressive changes in leadership and facilities can produce a sense that one is within a whirlwind. Continuous communication and remaining anchored to our purpose are good medicine for this. Let me begin by reassuring everyone reading this that our performance has never been better and that we continue to improve in all our domains! Challenges we faced over the past couple years are now solved, patient care volume and quality are higher than ever, academic discovery and teaching programs are reaching completely new levels. As we move through the arrival of some new leaders (New University of Arizona President, Dr. Bob Robbins, New Physician Practice Plan CEO, Dr. Scott Goodwin, etc) along with the move to a new faculty and residency office building, we remain focused on outstanding patient care, education and discovery. With change we will be able to achieve greater things – it’s ALL GOOD!

Samuel M. Keim, MD, MS
Professor and Chair
Department of Emergency Medicine
Director, Arizona Emergency Medicine Research Center

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