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You have an idea and want to pursue NIH funding; now what?

Access the following resources:

The RePORTER*: This site allows you to search to see if someone is already working on your idea. See more about RePORTER below.

PubMed:  Reviewing the literature is important to help you understand what has been done in the field of your interests; who are others working in the field; what methodologies are being employed; and a literature review will help with writing the background section of your grant proposal. to search for specific funding announcements. Make note of which NIH institutes are providing funding and the specific names of program officers as it is always a good idea to reach out to them as you get further along in the process.

*If you are new to RePORTER, it is a digital warehouse that records all things related to NIH research since 1989. It is the query subsection of the larger Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tools (RePORT) site. It is an intimating site at first, as it contains many different sorting methods. Make use of the icons by each question for a brief explanation of the field. A simple search with the keywords of your research idea is a good way to start. You will get abstracts relevant to the keywords you entered. The queries come back with the names of PIs working in the field, funding sources, funding amounts, program officers – all of which is very important information as you begin to plan. And the queries can be exported and saved.

You have searched the field and done a literature review, perhaps found a specific Request for Funding Announcement (RFA); now what?

The NIH has developed a workbook that goes step by step allowing you to give serious consideration to each part of the grant development process. I urge you to take the time to look through the workbook. It focuses your attention on those things that are important to NIH.

Please feel free to contact me early and often in the process. And be aware that the UA has many resources I can point you to as well.

Susanne Olkkola,

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