DEM Faculty Seed Grants Program

Dr. Samuel Keim, department chair, would like to alert you to the Faculty Seed Grants Program. More information is available on the Criteria and Application links below. We encourage all faculty to seriously consider the use of these funds to advance their research programs. 

The DEM Faculty Seed Grants Program (DFSG) provides 4 awards of up to $5,000, which are made on a competitive basis for projects involving research or other creative scholarly activity. The program is intended to provide short-term, one-time support that will "jump-start" worthwhile projects and result in data or work products that can be used in developing major proposals for submission to extramural funding agencies or private contributors.

Deadline: Open at all times, depending on the available funds. Only one application per faculty member will be reviewed during the application cycle.

Review:  The proposal will be reviewed by members of the AEMRC Research Office, selected faculty members with expertise in the field of the proposal, and the department chair.

Awards:  Applicants will learn the application results as soon as the reviews have been completed, or approximately four weeks.

Publicity and reporting: Applicants with funded projects will be asked to coordinate all publicity through the DEM, and may be asked to provide an interview, photos, and other materials to assist with publicity. Applicants may also be asked to provide an impact report after the project ends. Brief quarterly progress reports will be required.

Additionally, DEM funds one $15,000 New Investigator Faculty Seed annually. A new investigator is one that has not been funded as a PI on an NIH or equivalent federal grant. These DEM New Investigator Seed Grants will use the standard online DEM seed grant application (see link below), the budget will be greater and can include key support personnel costs (no faculty salary support allowed). The deadline for applications this year will be May 5, 2022.  All funds must be expended by December 31, 2023. Next year all funds are to be expended by June 30, 2024. ERE will be included in this funding UA 32% and Banner 17%.

If you have questions, please contact the DEM Research Office at (520) 665-9114 or send an email to Kurt Denninghoff.

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