The 2018 residency application sees change with the Standardized Video Interview pilot for EM Students enabling the sharing of information with residency directors that goes beyond academic metrics.

Welcome to the Medical Student Education website! We are pleased you are interested in our program, and hope this website is informative and helpful. Medical student teaching is a priority for the Department of Emergency Medicine. With the support of over 80 residents and 50 faculty, including 3 Core Medical Student Teaching Faculty, we have cultivated a learning environment that we believe is truly exceptional.

This year, in addition to electives in toxicology, emergency ultrasound, CPR teaching/training, and research, we are pleased to offer two outstanding fourth-year clinical EM rotations. The EM/critical care rotation is a four-week EM experience, designed not only for career-bound students, but also students looking for exposure to the ED as well as the ICU. This rotation consists of clinical shifts in the ED as well as a longitudinal critical care experience. The acting internship in EM is intended for EM-bound students who have already completed at least one EM rotation. It is a rigorous four-week experience, during which students literally act as interns, staffing patients directly with the ED attending, and charting just as they would in July of their residency. Both rotations are based on the national fourth-year Clerkship Directors in Emergency Medicine curriculum, with additional content included to highlight some of the areas of expertise within our department.

We are excited to meet you, and look forward to your application! For more information on rotating on our EM/critical rotation, our acting internship, or one of our subspecialty electives, please contact Kristina Waters at We look forward to seeing you in the ED!

Katherine Hiller, MD, MPH, FACEP
Professor and Director, Undergraduate Education