Jenn Ronnebaum, MBA

Jenn Ronnebaum
Manager, Advanced Hazmat Life Support Programs
Summary of Job Duties: 
  • Manage and direct preparedness training programs offered by the AEMRC
  • Develop and monitor annual goals and objectives
  • Create and manage annual AHLS budget and the budgets for various courses
  • Manage all revenue
  • Support and supervise staff, including coaching, reviewing performance, and providing guidance on high-impact projects
  • Manage database, assess and correct database problems, make recommendations to update database
  • Evaluate current marketing strategies, develop new and improved methods of marketing AHLS programs
  • Assist with the design of new preparedness programs, including development of manuals and online programs
  • Oversee international licensing agreements
  • Oversee and maintain continuing education (CE) requirements for participants and CE agencies
  • Represent AHLS at national and international meetings
  • Plan events for AHLS courses in Tucson and other cities
1501 N. Campbell Ave.
AHSL 4165L
(520) 626-2305
(520) 626-2480