Heinrich Fan, MD

Heinrich Fan, MD
The University of Arizona College of Medicine
University Campus Residency
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Where are you from?

I'm originally from the East coast (Boston), but grew up in Mesa, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix.

What are your personal interests/hobbies?

Everything science fiction! I'm a huge geek, I like reading about new technology and techie gadgets. Love being outdoors and hiking, SCUBA diving and snow sports whenever possible. My wife and I enjoy taking trips to Ocean Beach in San Diego with our dogs to play on the beach. I've recently gotten into sketching still life (though, I'm a very untalented artist) and I'm trying to get back into climbing shape. Last, but definitely not least, I try to practice mindfulness and meditate regularly.

What are your professional interests?

Doing my best to provide compassionate care to all my patients and really being present during my interactions with patients and on shift. My current trajectory is likely community EM, though I love learning about and playing with ultrasound. I think it's such a diverse, useful tool.

Why did you choose UA EM?

My family really grew to love Tucson during medical school and the program here is excellent. I couldn't bear to leave after meshing so well with all the residents and faculty in the ED. Plus the program is freakin' awesome!

What's your ideal vacation?

Exploring something new, be it a seedy bar in a back alley in Tokyo or a new hike in the wilderness. One way or another usually craft beer is involved.

What are your non-medical goals during residency?

Stay well. Enjoying my time outside of the hospital to the fullest. Nurturing and growing in my relationships with colleagues and family.