Sepsis and Infectious Diseases

Sepsis and Infectious Disease Research Faculty

Lawrence DeLuca, Jr., EdD, MD
Dir., Infectious Disease Research Collaboration

The Sepsis and Infectious Disease Research Collaborative at the University of Arizona Department of Emergency Medicine (UA DEM) focuses on three research areas:   

  • Biomarkers = The biomarkers arc is actively working on the use of novel biomarkers such as procalcitonin and endotoxin to help diagnose and treat severe sepsis and septic shock. 
  • Monitoring = The monitoring arc investigates less invasive monitoring strategies for the resuscitation and ongoing management of critically ill patients, including those with severe sepsis and septic shock. 
  • Guideline Compliance = The guideline compliance arc is exploring various means of improving compliance with bundled interventions such as the Surviving Sepsis Campaign’s Early Goal-Directed Therapy (EGDT).

The collaborative is made up of a diverse group of health care representatives from the emergency department including intensive care unit nurses, emergency medicine physicians, basic scientists and subspecialists from pediatric and adult critical care and infectious disease. 

We have formed highly successful collaborations with multiple departments within the University of Arizona Healthcare Network and in addition to our faculty members the collaborative includes a residents, graduate students, medical students and undergraduates. Faculty actively mentor students and residents, and the scholarly output has included peer-reviewed articles and abstract presentations at regional, national and international conferences.

Lawrence DeLuca, Jr., EdD, MD, was appointed director of the Sepsis/Infectious Disease Research Collaborative in 2010.

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