International Selective Information

Please run your plans by the Program Director for approval before you start any paperwork. 

Visit the following sites for information and required documentation for international travel registration.

1.  Register international travel at the following link: (individual does this)

  • Include travel description questionnaire
  • Obtain UA international travel registry number (must be put on TA in step 3).

2.  Check if traveling to a warning area at the following link:

  • If not traveling to a warning area, go to step 3.
  • If yes, traveling to warning area, do the following:

3.  Complete a Travel Authorization (TA) at the following link:

  • Please make sure Veronica Calderson gets a copy of all paperwork.  
  • Obtain necessary signature on the form (Lisa Taetle or Toni Richardson in the DEM business office).  (Once you give Veronica the paperwork, she can have Lisa or Toni sign.) We submit to Travel office.
  • Original to FSO Travel Office.