How do I schedule my residency interviews while I'm here on rotation?

I want to schedule my residency interviews with one or more of the EM programs. What do I do?

Our department hosts three Emergency Medicine residency programs, two categorical Emergency Medicine programs and one combined Emergency Medicine/Pediatrics program.

The interview process for these three programs is slightly different for each.  You are welcome to apply to any or all of the programs and can interview for any or all of the programs while on your Emergency Medicine Rotation.  You must apply through ERAS and interview for each program you wish to be considered for.  Please note that each program has its own NRMP identification number that you must select in ERAS and eventually, in your rank list.

If you wish to interview while rotating here, we encourage you to start making arrangements for interviews early on in your rotation as all of our faculty have busy schedules and it may take some time to find interview times that work both with the faculties’ schedules and your clinical schedules.  You are encouraged to dress casually for your interviews.

For the University Campus-based categorical program:

Your interviews may be held any time while you are here and you should choose the two faculty members with whom you would like to interview.  In addition, you should interview with the University based program director, Dr. Fiorello.  You should make arrangements with those two faculty members and Dr. Fiorello directly ( For your convenience here is the link for our faculty listing:

 Please call Veronica Calderon (program manager) at 520-626-7233 to inform her of the dates and faculty you choose to meet with.

For the South Campus-based categorical program:

Contact Gisela Aaron (program coordinator) 520-626-5582 to schedule interviews with South Campus program director Dr. Stoneking.  You should make arrangements with two other faculty members in addition to interviewing with Dr. Stoneking.

For the Combined EM/Peds program:

Contact EM/Peds program director Dr. Woolridge ( to arrange interviews with him and a Pediatric faculty member.  Contact Dr. Fiorello directly to schedule an interview with him.