Neil Wallace, MD

Neil Wallace, MD
University of New Mexico School of Medicine
University Campus Residency
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Where are you from?

Albuquerque, New Mexico

What are your personal interests/hobbies?

Bagpipes and hiking

What are your professional interests?

Medical Education and Simulation

Why did you choose UA EM?

Tucson is a beautiful city not too far from home. The people in UA EM are a fun group that I easily meshed with. I also really enjoyed working with the underserved patient population in Albuquerque, and am looking forward to taking care of a similar set of patients in Tucson.

What's your ideal vacation?

A cabin in some snowy mountains with no agenda.

What are your non-medical goals during residency?

Make a lot of new friends in Tucson and scare a few of them away with my bagpipes.