Albert Fiorello, MD

Albert B. Fiorello, MD, FACEP

Associate Professor
Director, University Campus Residency


1501 N. Campbell Ave.
AHSL 4172A
(520) 626-1554
(520) 626-2480

Dr. Fiorello completed residency training at the University of Arizona. He obtained his American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography certification in 2005. He has been actively teaching ultrasound to emergency physicians for several years. He has received numerous teaching awards in recognition of his skill in educating students and residents.


MD: 1995, State University of New York, Buffalo, NY
1998, The University of Arizona, Tucson AZ

Selected Recent Publications

Stoneking L, Winkler J, Deluca L, et al. "Physician Documentation of Sepsis Syndrome Is Associated with More Aggressive Treatment." Western Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2015;16(3):401-407.
Adhikari S, Fiorello A. "Emergency ultrasound fellowship training: a novel team-based approach." J Ultrasound Med. 2014;33(10):1821-6.
Amini R, Adhikari S, Fiorello A. "Ultrasound competency assessment in emergency medicine residency programs." Acad Emerg Med. 2014;21(7):799-801.


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