Clerkship Coordinator: 
Kristina Waters
(520) 626-1187

EMD 880B - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Instruction

Special Note: 

PLEASE NOTE: IN YOUR FOURTH YEAR, YOU MUST USE OASIS TO ENROLL IN EMD 880B. If you experience trouble enrolling, please contact Kristina Waters:

Third- and Fourth-Years
CPR Instructor Certification and enrollment in EMD 880A
Course Director: 
Daniel Beskind, MD, MPH, FACEP




Students will participate in activities in this elective in years 3 and 4 of their medical education. For full credit and graduation, students must complete 35 hours total of contact time with the general public, a total of four skills labs, attend or view all scheduled didactic sessions, and a final exam prior to graduation. Logging work will make you eligible for enrollment in EMD 880B even if you have not completed the 15 hours of contact time. You may complete the 35 hours total in EMD 880B. Keep in mind that the CPR Instructor Certification is optional and that some venues require this certification to teach.