What is a SLOE? Will I get one after my rotation?

The SLOE is a standardized letter of evaluation. (Formerly SLOR)

The SLOE is a standardized letter of evaluation that will become part of your EM residency application in ERAS.  The instrument was developed as an evaluative tool to provide a global perspective on an applicant’s candidacy for emergency medicine training by providing meaningful comparisons to peers.

The SLOE provides an overall perspective on what a candidate offers to a training program, including non-cognitive characteristics such as maturity, professionalism, leadership, compassion, initiative and enthusiasm.

At The University of Arizona, College of Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine, we provide a committee SLOE that is co-written by the Clerkship Director and the Core Medical Student Teaching Faculty (CMSTF). Students from The University of Arizona as well as visiting students who complete rotations in EM/Critical Care and EM Sub-I/Acting Internship will receive a SLOE during the interview season. If you complete both the EM/critical care rotation and the Acting Internship, we will provide a SLOE that includes data from both rotations. Due to the limited ability to evaluate a student while on non-patient care rotations, we are unable to provide a SLOE for students who only participate in toxicology, ultrasound, EMS, wilderness medicine, research or other EM-related electives. While traditional letters of recommendation from individual faculty can certainly support a student’s application, the U of A committee SLOEs will be the only SLOEs written from our Department.

How do I request a SLOE?

You will be provided with a SLOE request form to fill out during orientation. You may also download one here <link>

  1. Fill in the information at the top of the form with your AAMC ID, Name and date. Clerkship Director, Dr. Katherine Hiller, will be listed as the letter writer.
  2. Indicate whether or not you waive the right to see this letter. (We will write the same SLOE regardless of this choice, however if you waive your right to see the letter, NO ONE will communicate the SLOEs contents explicitly or in any other way to you.)
  3. Fill in the designated Dean’s Office information at the bottom of the form if you are a visiting student so our office knows where to send your completed SLOE. That office will be responsible for uploading your SLOE to ERAS. UA students will have their SLOE forwarded to the U of A Dean’s office.
  4. Give the completed form to our Clerkship Coordinator, Kristina Waters.